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Trump’s Drastic Move to Dismantle the Clean Power Plan Won’t Bring Coal Back

On Tuesday, President Trump is expected to begin the process of dismantling Obama’s environmental legacy, including his signature climate action policy, the Clean Power Plan. According to Reuters, Trump will sign an executive order compelling the Environmental Protection Agency to review and rewrite the plan, which… Read more… read more

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Trump Official’s Lego Batman Joke Will Be Investigated Because Democrats Clearly Want to Lose in 2020

In an interview on Friday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin made a joke about everyone sending their kids to go see Lego Batman, a movie that he helped produce. So now Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, is calling for the Office of Government Ethics to investigate Mnuchin for violating ethics rules. It’s… Read more… […]

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‘Immortalized’ Stem Cells Could Be the Key to Mass-Produced Artificial Blood 

The need for more blood donations is a seemingly never-ending problem. Between interruptions to the donation process, fear of needles, rare blood types, and a general lack of awareness, life-saving blood supplies are difficult to keep stocked. But a team of researchers has found a way to manufacture artificial blood… Read more… read more

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A Side-by-Side Comparison of Movies and the Historical Clips That Inspired Them

Period films are the bane of movie producers’ existence. They cost a ton of money, limit locations, require elaborate costuming and are always fighting against the very existence of the modern world. But when it all comes together, the films function as one of the closest things we have to a time machine. Read more… […]

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New It Images Are Here to Add Some Clown Terror to Your Monday Evening 

As the numbered balloons on director Andy Muschietti’s Instagram have warned us, we’re just two days away from the first trailer for It. We’re looking forward to seeing this version of villain Pennywise the Clown in action, and creepy new photos released today reminded us of the nightmares we’ll be having as a result. Read […]

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